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Lawson Software Nederland B.V.

Onderstaande tekst over de producten en diensten op het gebied van enterprise asset management (EAM) is afkomstig van genoemde leverancier en valt niet onder de redactionele verantwoordelijkheid van de EAM gids en EAMsystemen.nl

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1.Lawson provides comprehensive applications that are flexible, easy-to -use and simple to deploy.
Lawson offers an EAM system designed to manage all aspects of a customer’s business.
Whether a customer requires a full ERP package with a focus on enterprise asset management (EAM) or seeks only the EAM product, Lawson’s flexible integration options give them choices:
  • The EAM-focused ERP applications offer the full suite of enterprise functionality required to support all business processes, including financial management, human capital management, procurement and project management.
  • Lawson EAM gives customers the rich maintenance functionality expected from a best-of-breed maintenance system, including preventive maintenance, maintenance performing and costing, and maintenance customer order processing for third party maintainers.
Lawson applications share a common interface throughout the business providing a single, consistent source of information.
Lawson follows an implementation methodology that delivers rapid, easy and successful implementations, unlike the arduous “basic training” experience seen with other vendors.
Lawson applications allow maintenance people to spend more time supporting the life of their assets and less time in front of a PC.

2.Lawson software helps address corporate responsibility concerns and provides an effective, efficient approach to asset optimization.
Customers can turn to Lawson for an IT approach that will help make them responsible corporate citizens in areas such as reducing emissions, plant safety and corporate governance:
  • Our EAM product helps address reduced workforces and growing safety concerns by providing the IT tools employees require to do the job.
  • Customers can count on comprehensive asset traceability in the Lawson solution to facilitate Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
Lawson technology for asset intensive companies helps customers optimize all assets, including equipment, people and products:
  • Integrated support for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) helps make analysis and forecasting of maintenance a more accurate task by determining a more appropriate maintenance strategy.
  • To maximize operational capacity, Lawson integrates maintenance and production planning so customers can determine when maintenance will be performed and how that will impact the production schedule.
3.Lawson offers confidence in working with suppliers and customers, managing and maintaining assets, and determining ROI.
With Lawson, customers can save money by effectively planning for procurement and maintenance needs:
  • Customers are able to maintain the proper balance in stock control, helping decrease the financial burden of carrying too much inventory but avoiding emergency buying due to unplanned failures or lack of stock.
  • Improved stock control gives customers stronger negotiating power with suppliers and the ability to secure the best pricing and best terms.
  • Lawson’s wide-ranging warranty management capabilities help customers understand the warranties on their assets and avoid unnecessary repair costs with suppliers.
Customers can monitor the financial implications of their maintenance strategy and how asset depreciation impacts their business.
For third-party maintenance providers, Lawson provides the intelligence to determine the profitability of pricing agreements, maintain better pricing control and improve customer satisfaction.

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